På rejse med Hr. P og Gekke

A Lama
  • 8/11
    Arrived at my first workaway host the 7th of November, just after mid day. Managed to find it by my own, the gps was of no good at all, it led me down some very small,  and blind roads. It was ok to use as long as I drove from Villanova to A Lama, so its still nice to have the gps, as long as you drive to a specific village. But don’t expect it to find a certain road in the mountains – and if it does, don’t trust it. I keep it switched on though, I like to be informed of the speedlimits and to have the map with the roads.IMG_0932Here lives Petra, her son Kourosh and a dog Tosho. And a few chickens. And most of the year some workawayers, but at the moment I,m the only one here. Today is the 8th. of november, and a bit out of season. For a dane from a flat country with mostly controlled land for agriculture this place is amazing. Well, suppose it is to almost everybody. While writing I listen to the water steaming down the mountain, creating small waterfalls – that gets together in the river about a 100 meters from here. Petra told me that here is wild pigs and horses, and wolves. The water in the steams and in the river is clean and drinkable, there is no farms to pollute from the spring to here.


    Today I have chopped some wood – and fixed the door to the little house I have for my use. The house is partly the bus Petra drove in to here, about 15 years ago, and a clay and wood part build around the bus. On the ground there is several other houses, a main house of two buildings, a new not yet finished round house and another house for guests and other things. Petra really beats most handymen in the art of building and rebuilding houses, including all the -interiore-. Everything seems caarefully planned to fit together, and the single parts are cared for with beautyful details. Fantastic work. Art.


    Coming here is a real anticlimax compared to the last days of luxury. Not in any bad way at all! I must confes that I like the easy living, especially when it turns up like it did at the Hotel Pazo O Rial, where the staff were so professional and yet familar to me as guest/customor. Especially thanks to Mila for sharing a lot of thoughts, music and culture! Now the holyday part of my travel is over, and the real deal starts with this great workaway spot in Galicia. After just one day here I really do understand why Petra has received that lot of good feedback from the workawayers who have been so lucky to have been here.

    10/11 – 14
    Duncan Disorderly & The Scallywags
    Yesterday Petra invited me to a koncert with this British band and what a wonderful evening and night that turned out to be. I,m so happy we went there. The gig was in a bar build in a old stone house, in a small village in the mountains. The atmosphere in there was brilliant, and the band played very well. I can’t remember any gig I have experienced with such an intense energy and -synergy- between band and it’s audience.

    The room was small and crowded, but people managed to dance anyway, and it really seemed like there was a magic string between band and the rest of us. Fantastic experience. After the concert the band stayed, some of them jamming with local musicians, the rest talking with the rest of us. Lucky for me a lot of the guests spoke english and I met so many lovely people at the place. I belive it’s unike and the only one of it’s kind – hard to find but no problem, the place was full anyway. 2 of the members went home with us for sleep.

    I met several people who was immigrants, like Petra is. From Germany, Britain, Ireland. They have settled down here some years ago, and I really understand why. I,m getting in love with this Galician culture and the people here. And the beautiful nature in the mountains. Only mismatch is the heavy and persistant rain, continously for a week now. But really all the positive stuff makes it worth it!