Camping and Workaway in Milies

So here I am again, sitting in my little house writing to the sound of a waterfall and the wind in the trees outside as the only sounds, beside my clicks at the keyboard. It’s the 24. of April and I have been working this new place for a week now. Here is so amazing beautiful, quiet and good atmosphere. I feel very good and happy that I ended up staying here after all. (The host cancelled 2 weeks before – but re-cancelled again, lucky for me!!)

Sometimes things just turns up to be flowing, like just being the right place at the right time. But before talking about this place I should write a bit about my 5 days at the Sikia Camping, where I drove after Evia. The evening before sailing with the small ferry from the island I searched for camping sites open and found this one as the only. I have later discovered that you can’t trust the Internet services with Greek camping sites and their opening times, or may be the camping s just open earlier than the service sites say. Well, good for me though, I drove to Sikia Camping, close to a village called Kata Nero on the Pelio peninsula, about 30 km. from the town Volos. As usual following the coast. It was a short drive on about 150 km, so nice and sleazy with many stops.

From the 30 minutes with the ferry:
And from the driving around the bay to Pelion. Volos in the background:

I arrived at the Sikia Camping early in the afternoon with good time to set up my tent and finding the gear I needed for camping. The timing was very good, no more rain and mist, only sun and hot weather. A little cold the first night though, but I have both duvet and sleeping bag, so no problems keeping the body warm.

The view from my little camp:

And again around sundown:
IMG_3390It was nice to be camping again, sleeping in tent and relaxing in nature. I found a private spot with no campers close and the Sikia Camping is build very clever in my opinion. The place is made on plateau’s on an olive grove, so the olive trees gives it a feeling of being in a forrest and more or less on the beach at the same time. Beside that it is very well equipped with washing machines, wifi and restaurant and bar. Super place. It’s situated between two villages, Kala Nero and Kato Gatzea. My best recommendations to all who want to go camping in Greece.

A few pics from the villages:
IMG_1121IMG_1265 IMG_1266
One day drinking a coffee beside the beach I captured this dolphin plying in the bay. Very romantic:

A link to Sikia Camping

As mentioned my next workaway host cancelled while I was still on Evia, so I had planned to stay at the camping for about 2 weeks. But lucky for me she wrote back with the good news that she was able to host me after all. And now, looking closer into it with a detailed map at hand, I realized that the place was only 8 km. from the camping. Seems like meant to be, just upside the mountain I have been looking at for some days down from the camping site. We agreed that I started 2 days later and here I am, writing from the most beautiful landscape, looking right down to the bay where the camping is situated.

There are 2 houses on the mountain slope ground, one for my use as here is no guests at the moment. And the view from the balcony is amazing, so wide and long distance view that it is difficult to photograph…

And the balcony with the view:
IMG_3425I,m really happy to be here, first of all Alexandra is an fantastic host, kind, interesting, intelligent and with a lot of experience in the bag. Have travelled a lot herself.  I like working here, hard work at times carrying stuff up and down the steam land on the mountainside. But it’s no problem in this environment!

The first days we spend digging up the garden so it can be prepared for new vegetables, and carrying natural fertilisers created from old goat shit down the mountain slope steam roads.

The garden:

A piece of the steam road

The road is between 500 and 2000 years old, some parts even older. It’s going from the village a bit uphill, Milies, and about 5 km down to the village beside the camping site, Kata Nera. The mountain is called Mont Pelion, and is a part of the Greek mythology, Achilles was supposed to be born here, and the centaurs lived here (half horse, half man). The mountain is so so rich on naturals, like always running clean water from the upper part, going down in small rivers with waterfalls. The vegetation is very variate, so many colours of green looking down the sides. Olives, pines, oaks, all kinds of trees. Yesterday I walked the old road all down to Kata Nera and up again, here is some photos from that trip:

IMG_1233IMG_1237IMG_1249IMG_1275The last days I have been doing electricity in a new wood house, that is ment for volunteers in the future. Nice to use the old education again. Otehr tasks have been digging a terasso in the mountain side for a water tank. I have good time to do some walking between the working hours and before dinner, which is terrific as well by the way, my host is a great cook! One of the walks was on the old train track from Milies to Volos, very old – as far as I remember from 1903. The distance between the tracks is only 60 cm. so a small train, which is driving today as a veteran train every weekend!

Photos from my walk on the tracks, following the old road back:

Milies is a very pretty and old vilage, but a big part of it was burned down by the Germans during world war 2. Some parts survived though. It is build in ancient times so it could not be seen from the sea, but the sea was visible from the village. To protect it from pirates.

I am going to stay here for another week, enjoying the local goat cheese, olive oil, bread and the tasty meals my host makes every day. I will of cause write more from here in a post later, for now a few more pics from the way op to Milies, a walk on about 400 meters on the old road: