På rejse med Hr. P og Gekke

Here is an update for the last 4 days and the first 1950 km of driving. The first plan was to follow the costline all the way, but allready in Germany we had to modify that of 2 reasons; It’s harvest time and there is a lot of heavy trafic on the small roads, and we often had to wait for a small ferry to pass rivers. Both consuming too much time. In Holland and Belgium we had to zig zag a lot to avoid the highways, so we went through only on the big roads.

After Groningen we drowe to Brugge in Belgium, a very beautiful city that I certainly will visit some other time to see by foot, but this time only for a single sleepover and a walk in the center.


Saturday we went to a marked in Brugge to buy supplies and drove the last piece through Belgium into France and the beautiful Normandie. We stopped in Dunkerque and found a small café for a coffey, but ended up with a little bad experience. 2 girls started fighting on the street, more people joined the fight and suddently they were all over the café, moving tables and chairs around. I think that made the decision for us to continue instead of visiting the muments for the fallen soldiers.

Following the cost we found an open camping in village near Dieppe, not much to say about that, it was cheap since no one ever came to charge us anything. Next day’s driving was the most beautiful part of the driving so far, especially passing the brigde over the Seine near Le Havre. Mette took some photos, but I have no access to them right now, maby I will post them later.

To save some time we made a little shortcut instead of going all the way around the bays and the route was from Le havre to Domfront, Laval and Angers where we made a stop for sleep again. Not much to write, driving and enjoing the views. One thing though, we found another camping open, but it was very lucky cos’ they close for the season the next day. Mid to end October is a little too late for camping in France, most of the places are closed and the open one’s dificult to find.

From Angers we went to the coast again at La Rochelle and passes, driving to Royan and passed the big bay outside Bordeaux. The ferry was a bit expencive, 24€, but nicer than going all the way around Bordeaux.

imageNow we are on the other side of the bay, in the Medoc area, and had a nice evening and a good long sleep in a little town called Hourtin. Geting ready to next step south.

Will try to update earlier next time, but Wifi’s are a bit hard to find in the small villages…..