A short update for now

Dear blog readers.

I really owe you an update from my hand. Especially you who are not on Facebook.

Shortly about my travel from Greece and up. I had a great month traveling up through Europe. I chose a route from Greece up through Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. In Croatia I was workawaying on an Bed & Breakfast in the north of the country, near Pula. 2 lovely weeks. From there I drove to Ljubliana, the capital of Slovenia where I stayed for 5 days. Lovely town!

It also means no more coastline. I had some plans about following the Black Sea north, but changed them, and drove to Hungary the Balaton Lake, and from there to Czech Republic via Slovakia. And I am so happy that I made that decision!!  This was a very short update, but it somehow seems less important for me now since some fantastic things has happend lately. I will explain why. First you need to hear a story from my life 23 years ago.

In 1992 I was on a travel as well. Mainly in Portugal, but I ended up in a town called Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic. Here I one day went to a bar and chatted with the bartender. Someone sit down beside me, I looked and had eye contact with a very beautiful girl. I melted. I was in love in that second in a way I never experienced before, and never will again. Lucky for me it was mutual, and we spend 2 lovely days together. I will spare you for the details 🙂

After the 2 days I had to go to Denmark, but we stayed in contact via good old snail mail. For a while. Because one day I had my backpack stolen, and in it was my address book. It was a disaster, because the girl, Katka, never wrote her address on back of the letters. She wrote 3 more letters to me, ending up with questions like; “Thomas, why don’t you want contact anymore”? After the third letter she stopped writing, since I could not write back and explain.

I was devastated. In love but not able to write to her and explain. The following years it drove me to Ceske Budejovice 5 times to look for her, but with no luck. A bit naive I guess, since it is a town with 100.000 inhabitants. In 2005 I was there for the last time, and after that I gave up finding her. But I never forgot her, definitely not. She always had a place in my heart.


The last 2 weeks i have been staying at a beautiful micro camping near Cesky Krumlov, about 20 km. from Ceske Budejovice. Last Wednesday I drove to Budejovice to revisit the town. I wanted to walk along the river, a very nice walk. But soemhow I changed plan, and, went right up a road. Passing a café bar I had a strange feeling and went in. I went the the bar to order a beer. The barmaid looked up, and I looked into those beautiful eyes that melted me 23 years ago. It was unbelievable.

If the story ends here I would be very happy to have found her, and now able to explain what happened long time ago. But on top of this wonderful experience we have fell in love again. Or maybe we still are in love in spite of all the years that passed. I never stopped loving her for sure.

We have now spend about a week together and we are very happy. like a fairytale, but this one with a plot going on in the real life. Until last Wednesday my bowl with travel experiences was full, now it is flowing over the edge. In a very good way.

What happens for and with us time will tell. For now we are planning to do some traveling together in her summer vacation. In any case, I will stay down here for a while for sure.

Thanx for reading so far dear followers. I might have some even longer break from writing here. But sooner or later I will write a post to follow up on this new adventure, and to finish my travel stories.

Have a nice summer!!

2 thoughts on “A short update for now

  1. Kære Thomas

    Tak for at høre fra dig igen. Du har været i mine tanker flere gange.

    Og mange gange til lykke med dit gensyn – det må have været en fantastisk oplevelse for jer begge to.
    Her går det ved det gamle, og jeg har forladt Joomla til fordel for WortPress,
    som jeg er meget begejstret for men jeg savner et netværk.

    Har du besøgt min nye hjemmeside. http://www.alshjemmesider.dk ??????

    Jeg ser frem til at høre godt nyt fra dig – ha det godt så længe og pas på dig selv.



  2. Hej Povl.

    Mange tak for det, det er rigtig fint og fuld af kærlighed. Så det kan jo kun gå godt!
    Må indrømme det er noget tid siden jeg har besøgt din hjemmeside, men det vil jeg fluks gøre når jeg har skrevet dette indlæg!

    Hav det rigtig godt deroppe. Hils Birthe mange gange fra mig!

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