I arrived in Athens on Saturday the of March. For once I drove directly, most on the way on highway for the first time in Greece. It’s a pay road, but not as expensive as other countries. I really don’t like driving in big cities, but it went very smooth to find the hotel I had pre-booked via It was the cheapest I could find, and as Sofia later said I should have asked for advice first. But deal done and I can live with most conditions regarding a bit of dirt and a bad neighbourhood. I know you can’t compare a residence in a capital and in a small town along the coast, but  it is difficult not to. This small and, well lets just say lousy, hotel room in Athens cost the same as the apartment Jette and I rented in Albufeira in Portugal. And on top of that I had my first, and hopeful last, burglary in my car while parked just outside the hotel. The bastards broke the small window in back of the car and were able to open the door. They only took what was on the seat there, but unfortunately one of the items was my bag with computer stuff. Not the computer though, but an external hard-drive, headphones, an extra phone, cables and some more stuff. And they took my backpack which was completely empty, bugger for you bastards.

Well, that was the negative to begin with, done. The rest was good experiences, when I first found the centre, the nicer streets and the ancient places. Thanks to Sofia and Andreas who I met up with the second day in Athens. I know the 2 from a EU project I was a part of 4-5 years ago called Engage. About digital media’s for children and how we as adults and social workers can participate and support their learning. Really great to meet them again, may be not for the last time for sure. We went out for a coffee first, a place with an amazing view of the Acropolis – the waiter was not too handy with my mobile camera though, but you can partly see it in the background.
In the eventing we went to a small local restaurant and had some tasty tapas, well – that’s the Spanish word, I forgot the Greek. Very cosy and warm and  interesting talks about a lot of things. The old days, travelling, projects and so on. It was a very nice experience to meet Sofia and Andreas – to see and talk to known people on the way. Thank you!!

The next days I explored Athens by foot, walking out to the more or less tourist places in the centre. To start with the Acropolis and the garden around it. Some of the buildings were under maintenance, but got some pretty good pictures after my own humble opinion. Here is a few:

And a great view from up there:
IMG_2770And seen from outside through one of the ports down town
The following day I visited another of the “must-see” places in Athens, and a kind of followup on the ancient Opympia – the modern start of the Olympics in Athens, the big stadium. It’s pretty hudge when you get inside, I hope the pictures also illustrate it’s size:


Another of the old ancient places:


And from the museum same place:


Some other places I only saw from the outside, so here follows a series of pictures from the streets of Athens mixed with the views you can see by going a bit up, the big park and buildings.


After Athens I drove to the island Evia, the second biggest island in Greece after Kreta. Spend more than a week there and I will make a separate post about it and try to finish it tomorrow. Lets see 🙂