Workaway in Italy – roundtrip in Greece

I better write something for the last 14 days before I forget most of it. So many things happen. The spirit of travelling is still 100% intact and I look forward to new adventures day by day. I,m in Greece now, in Athens for 4 days and leaving tomorrow driving north. But I will write […]


I found a workaway host in Italy, near Brindisi, where I have been working for a week now. But this post will mostly be about my travel through the rest of Italy. From Pisa I drove to Vinci to visit the Vinci museum and to see Leonardo Vinci’s birthplace and home near the town Vinci. […]

From Gomera to Pisa via France

On the road again, but first a few words about the last 2 weeks on the Canary island. The life there was nice and easy living, I helped a little on the Slowhome, some montage of rescue light and a little cleaning and so. The weather disappointed a bit, not normal for the season with […]


Arrived at the harbour of San Sebastian, Gomera on the Canarian Islands, around 3 pm the 22. of January. The trip by boat from Los Christianos, Tenerife was about 1 hour, and felt fast while talking with a German girl about the island all the way over. She was here for the fourth time and […]

Lagos – Portimao – Albufeira – Almunecar – La Gomera

As I wrote in the last post I got a visit from my friend Jette from Denmark. We travelled along the Algarve Coast together, with some small trips up in Portugal. We spend 16 days together, I picked her up in Faro Airport and we drove straight to Lagos. We were ment to stay the […]

Back to Lagos

It was my intention to stay with the host in Sao Tocado, Gemma, until sometime in January. But I had to draw on our flexibility agreement, that I could stay for a week more or less than we planned from the start. I had the great news from a very good friend from Denmark, that […]

From Galicia to Portugal – a summary.

The last post I wrote as a small diary. I haven’t been writing much the last month, so this post will be a sort of summary over the last 30+ days. First of all I left the beautiful and nice place in Antas/ALama. It has absolutely nothing to do with the people, the culture or […]

Santiago > Vilanova de Arousa

The last days have been amazing, troubled, easy living, expensive, hard, interesting and much more. Not an easy job to describe, but here goes. First of all Mary and I split up after some days in Fisterra and Ourence, she went to Barcelona by train, I drove back to Santiago to meet Kjell, a Norwegian […]

From Fisterra to Ourense via Santiago

First a correction to the last post. I wrote that Camino went from Fisterra to Santiago, since I thought that all the Camino routes end up in Santiago.  This is apparently a common mistake. Most Camino walkers end their tour in Santiago, but the real end is actually in Fisterra. “The end of the world”. […]

A Coruna

After three lovely days in Ribadeo we drove to A Coruna for a single day/night to be close to the Airport this morning where Mette had to catch her plane to Tenerife on her way to La Gomera. But first a followup on the last post with two picture from Praia Cathedrales, taken when the […]