From travel to fairytale and a new life.

English version here Jeg skriver denne post for at opsummere bloggens første tid på nettet. Jeg har været lidt vægelsindet i forhold til om den skulle fortsætte efter rejsen sluttede, nu vil jeg så at sige sætte et punktum for disse første år ved at skrive min historie i kort form og se hvad det […]

Camping and Workaway in Milies

So here I am again, sitting in my little house writing to the sound of a waterfall and the wind in the trees outside as the only sounds, beside my clicks at the keyboard. It’s the 24. of April and I have been working this new place for a week now. Here is so amazing […]

Workaway in Italy – roundtrip in Greece

I better write something for the last 14 days before I forget most of it. So many things happen. The spirit of travelling is still 100% intact and I look forward to new adventures day by day. I,m in Greece now, in Athens for 4 days and leaving tomorrow driving north. But I will write […]


I found a workaway host in Italy, near Brindisi, where I have been working for a week now. But this post will mostly be about my travel through the rest of Italy. From Pisa I drove to Vinci to visit the Vinci museum and to see Leonardo Vinci’s birthplace and home near the town Vinci. […]

Workawaing in Portugal

Arrived at my second Workaway place the of December after driving from Lagos with a stop for a night halfway. The trip counter is now on 6300 km. which is much more than the actual distance from Aarhus to here. Folowing the coast is part of that of cause, and I have been driving […]

A Lama

8/11 Arrived at my first workaway host the 7th of November, just after mid day. Managed to find it by my own, the gps was of no good at all, it led me down some very small,  and blind roads. It was ok to use as long as I drove from Villanova to A Lama, […]