From travel to fairytale and a new life.

Translated post from 2 weeks ago… Danish version here I am writing this post to summarize the blog’s first years. I have been a bit fickle deciding if it should continue after the travel ended, but for now I will  re-write my story in short form and see what comes

Vacation in Marsa Alam

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  English version Et kort indlæg hernede fra Marsa Alam i det sydlige Egypten. Som jeg fortalte i forrige post er det min første ferie på all-inclusive hotel og hvad der hører til. Selv om jeg betragter mig selv som en livsnyder, så foretrækker jeg altså stadig en mere primitiv

From travel to fairytale and a new life.

NB! To my English speaking readers, I am sorry this post is in Danish only. I will continue translating future posts, but I simply don’t have the time right now. This post is a resume from all former posts written during my travel until now. So you actually do not

Smukke kyster – Beautiful coasts

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  – English version Mange har efterhånden spurgt mig hvilken af de mange kyster jeg besøgte på min rejse var den smukkeste. Det er ganske enkelt umuligt at svare på, så i denne post har jeg udvalgt fire af dem som helt sikkert er et besøg værd. Fordi de på

Follow up, my life in the Czech Republic

Dear reader. As promised I will write you a follow up on what have happened after I met Katka, about 6 weeks ago. Since then we have been a week in Denmark together, a nice but also short travel. We had a short vacation near Slovakia with some of Katka’s

A short update for now

Dear blog readers. I really owe you an update from my hand. Especially you who are not on Facebook. Shortly about my travel from Greece and up. I had a great month traveling up through Europe. I chose a route from Greece up through Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. In Croatia

Camping and Workaway in Milies

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So here I am again, sitting in my little house writing to the sound of a waterfall and the wind in the trees outside as the only sounds, beside my clicks at the keyboard. It’s the 24. of April and I have been working this new place for a week

Evia, the 2. biggest Greek island

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After the 4 days in Athens with kind of mixed experiences, I looked forward to some time along the coast and in small villages again. At that time I had made an agreement with a Workaway host in the Magnesia area, near Volos, but 14 days ahead, so I had


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I arrived in Athens on Saturday the of March. For once I drove directly, most on the way on highway for the first time in Greece. It’s a pay road, but not as expensive as other countries. I really don’t like driving in big cities, but it went very

Workaway in Italy – roundtrip in Greece

I better write something for the last 14 days before I forget most of it. So many things happen. The spirit of travelling is still 100% intact and I look forward to new adventures day by day. I,m in Greece now, in Athens for 4 days and leaving tomorrow driving