Evia, the 2. biggest Greek island

After the 4 days in Athens with kind of mixed experiences, I looked forward to some time along the coast and in small villages again. At that time I had made an agreement with a Workaway host in the Magnesia area, near Volos, but 14 days ahead, so I had good time to explore more of Greece before starting there. So I chose to drive to the second largest island, Evia. Drive, since there is a bridge to cross in the main town, Chalcis. I drove the highway out of Athens, but as soon as possible I took an exit so I could follow the coast again.

The mountain Dirfys seen from the main land on my way to Evia. The highest mountain on the island. They get the drinking water from here and there is production of water sold on bottles as well.
The new bridge in Chalcis that connects the island with the rest of Greece.
I drove through Chalcis and followed the coast a bit south along Evia’s west coast and found a nice place to stay on the countryside, 50 meters from the sea and 2 km. to the nearest village. A really nice and clean hotel and for a very good price. The staff were really kind and the receptionist, Nandia, told me about the places on the island most worthy to visit. She really was a great help! Beside that intelligent and very nice to debate culture and other subjects. Thanx Nandja!!

I stayed there for 4 days and had a base to explore the great nature on the middle and a bit south of the island. The nature is really  stunning and the photo a humble tool to show it, but here is some of the photos from that part:

And here is the view from the very big balcony at the hotel room:
To finish these first days on Evia I will strongly reccomend the hotel. Take a look at their homepage for more information: http://hotelphiloxenia.eu

And 2 pics from my trip one day to Chalcis:

Still following Nandia’s instructions I drove to the north part of the island and found a small apartment to rent for some days in a town called Loutra Edipsou. Again for a very small amount of €’s since it is still out of season in Greece. Here I stayed 4 days more, good time to explore the north part and it’s own beauties First a photo from my new balcony the evening I arrived:

And the next morning:

The weather was not too good these days on Evia, a bit of rain and misty. But wow for some great nature and places to visit here. I spend the days driving along the coast and up in the mountains, enjoying the nature and lonesome places. More photos:


I stayed a few days more on Evia, now very rainy and cold. Not much to write about from there, it was during the Greek and Orthodox easter. My host there was very kind though and came over with 4 red painted eggs, very kind of him – or may be his wife to start with 🙂

I took the ferry the short way to the mainland from Agiokampos to Glifa instead of driving all the way down to Chalcis for the bridge. Before I had looked for open camping sites and found one open where I am now. The workaway place had canceled during my time on Evia, but as you will read in my next post my luck turned, and it showed up that I by accident chose to be a place very close to. The weather has changed too, so here is summertime and I start the new place tomorrow.

My 5 days here on the camping will be described in the next post. Bye for now, take care out there!