Follow up, my life in the Czech Republic

Dear reader.

As promised I will write you a follow up on what have happened after I met Katka, about 6 weeks ago. Since then we have been a week in Denmark together, a nice but also short travel. We had a short vacation near Slovakia with some of Katka’s friends and next week we will go for a week to Croatia, the last bit of Katka’s holiday.


The first period I stayed on a penzion here in Ceske Budejovice, but since our week in Denmark I have moved in Katka’s flat together with her son, Jakub who is 13 years old. For now we are in love as I never experienced before, this really feels like mend to be and with our story from 1992 in mind it makes our relationship very strong. At least it feels that way.

Katka is earning English, and she improves very fast. We only use Google translate once in a while now, in the start all our communication was translated. On the other hand my Czech language is still limited to a few words, but after our holiday in Croatia I will start at a course and hopefully get some more skills.

When it comes to my travelling, the travel has ended here. I have started writing a book about it and have set the next 3 months of my new life in Ceske Budejovice to write it. This will be my main activity, beside learning the language and try to make new contacts and friends here. Katka will soon be working full time in her cafe bar, that means about 50 hours a week. So it is very important for me to have some activities for myself.

It also means that this blog has reached it’s end, more or less. I will keep it open though, so I can make a link up to my book when it is finished. It is my plan to release it for free, to be downloaded and read via the Internet. With some kind of donate function. And followed by some of the pictures from my travel. But more to come about that later.

I hope you readers enjoy your life and summer, wherever you are.
Lots of love from Thomas


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  1. Hej Thomas
    Er der noget nyt?
    Jeg har forladt Joomla til fordel for WordPress, og jeg er glad for skiftet.

    Vi kan altid finde ud af en overnatning for 1 eller 2 personer her i Kirkegade.

    Kærlig hilsen

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