På rejse med Hr. P og Gekke

From Galicia to Portugal – a summary.

The last post I wrote as a small diary. I haven’t been writing much the last month, so this post will be a sort of summary over the last 30+ days. First of all I left the beautiful and nice place in Antas/ALama. It has absolutely nothing to do with the people, the culture or stuff like that. One simple reason, the weather. Though I only stayed 10 days I have only good memories from there, the very nice people, the concert, the beautiful nature in the mountains. I would really like to come back in the spring or summer.

Though a bit sad to leave the first workaway place uncompleated, this is also the freedom of traveling, to change your mind and reconcider – follow the intuitions.


Apropos concerts. I went back to Santiago on the 18 th of nov. for a few days. One evening I was on my way home to the hostel I booked for the few days. Heard live music from somewhere and it was a concert. They played pretty good, though it was instrumental rock – or may be punk even. I asked the guitarist after they finished, his answer was that they play the music style I think I hear, well, it was punk then :-). After the concert the bar defenitly played punk, much of stuff from Pixies to Dead Kennedys, but also songs with Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. A really nice experience and good talks with some students there, about Galician culture, music an much more. The people here are really openminded and wants to talk about life and human stuff, not the usual travellers bla bla.

From Santiago I drove back to Fisterra and stayed there 3 days. It was a very good experience the last time and certainly was again. Met some german people living there and had some good talks and walks. Pilgrims were still coming in, after the long walk from Santiago in mostly rainy weather. Met some at the lighthouse burning their clothes, such a stupid tradition. A good idea would be to place a container there with a sign asking the pilgrims to leave their clothes instead of burning it. Then wash it and give it away to people who need it. May be a project for later?

My room this time had a fantastic morningview:


Then it became the 23. of November, my birthday. As a birthdaypresent to my self I booked a room at the beautiful hotel in Vilanova I visited earlier. The servitrice, Mila and the nightportie Manuel celebrated with me and it was a nice evening. Also like saying goodbye to Galicia, and going to next destination, Coimbra in Portugal, where I lived about 6 month in 1992/1993.

In Fisterra I met a young Norwiegan pilgrim who also wanted to go to Portugal, so he got a lift and we made a stop in Porto. Not much to say, beautiful and expencive town. Next day we drove on to Coimbra which had changed a lot since 2000 where I visited the last time. We shared a room and the Norwgin guy (sorry, forgot your name) took a train to Lisboa the day  after.

I stayed in Coimbra 3 days more. Reviewed old places, found the house on the hill in the old town, where I lived 22 years ago. From the university on the top and down to the pedestrian sreet benith the hill everything looked about the same as it did in 93, a few more bars and a new restaurent. Found the studentbar I often visited in the old days, and as a suprise one of the barmen from then, at that time a student, had become the new owner. He told me that now most of the houses and flats in the old town is rented by
students. All in all a very good time in Coimbra!!

The House i lived in and the bar:
2014-11-27 20.15.332014-11-27 20.23.56
At some time in 1992 I camped a bit outside Coimbra in a town called Lousan. One day I walked into the mountains and found a small village that former was abandont by the Portugise people but later visited by refugees from the former east germany, who lived in the old clay anbd stone houses. Some nice people helped me localise the village again. No more eastgermans there today, but Portugise people have restored the old houses and almost rebuild the village. There even was a restaurent. Still not possible to drive by car in the smmall streets

2014-11-29 12.08.07
From Coimbra I followed the coast south and made a stop in Nazateth, a must see place according to the barman in Coimbra. There should be some af the biggest waves in the world on a beach called Praia de Norte. I first visited the beach that is the coastline otside the town and found the waves there pretty big, as it was in silent weather. But the waves on Praia de Norte certainly are hudge!! Tried to photo from the top of the cliffs but dificult to see the enormous wave in the background. (The second image)

2014-11-29 15.24.13IMG_0964Continued to Peniche, another surfer place, and booked a bungalow for 2 days. Out of season and rather cheep. Peniche is also called The Shell island because of it.s form. A very silent place in the wintertime, no surfers at all on the beach or in the town.

penicheIMG_0969IMG_0975From Peniche I passed Lisbon over the beautiful bridge and chose to drive all down to Algarve. Folowed the coast to Sines and crossed the rest of the country inland to Lagos to be there before sunset. It was dark when I arrived, but I was lucky to find a good and cheap hotel (made a good bargain for a week to ½ price). It was a fantastic week, sun sining with 20-22 degrees every day. Lagos has also changed a lot since I visited for a month in 1992, lots of hotels and tourism. At this time of year there is silent in the streets, but can imagine how it is in the summertime. The beautiful beaches looked almost as the same, but they seemed smaller than 20 years ago, I guess the ocean has taken large bites over the years.

I will end his long post with some images from Largos. I am now on my second workaway place, a horse farm about 80 km. from Lisbon. I will write about this place and my first week here later.