På rejse med Hr. P og Gekke

From Gomera to Pisa via France

On the road again, but first a few words about the last 2 weeks on the Canary island. The life there was nice and easy living, I helped a little on the Slowhome, some montage of rescue light and a little cleaning and so. The weather disappointed a bit, not normal for the season with many cloudy days and “only” around 20 degrees. Much warmer than Denmark though, and Europe in general. Most days I spend in San Sebastian, talking with the other guests at the Slowhome, visiting café’s, a lot of waking in town and the sub area.

One day we were invited to a barbecue at the owners “Finka”, a kind of terassa garden where they grow vegetables and fruits, some 300 meters out of the town they live in, Santiago. A grill, bread and salad, a generator for power and music and a bunch of nice people made a great and interesting day.

The setup for a good day and evening.

Morenga, “The tree of life”. A very healthy fruit that an be used for tea etc.
The view from the finka
One of the last days we rented a car and invited two other guests, Joan from Catalonia and Lena from Germany, on a drive on the island. We visited Hermigua – Agulo – Vallehermoso and the rainforest on in the middle.

The karneval was going on the last week, with some activities in the town. I went before the big day, but here is some pictures from some of the happenings in the streets. It is very popular in San Sebastian and it feels like the whole town participates and everybody is dressed up for it. Lots of music, dance and activities.
2015-02-17 21.03.11IMG_1527
As planned I took the ferry to Los Christianos on Teneife the 18th of February, the bus up to Aeroporto Sud and the plane back to Madrid to pick up my car at the rented garage. Everything went smooth, Mr. P. (the car) was fine and i drove out of Madrid around 11 pm in the evening. My first plan was to drive until the morning to get a good piece of road done, but after a few hours I became too tired and had to stop and pay for a highway hotel. The next morning I chose to see Girona instead of driving to Barcelona, which I have visited before. Very good choice!!  Girona was a beautiful old town with a warm and nice atmosphere, especially the old town. I stayed there for 2 days, time to consider what to do now.


I tried to find a last minut workaway place along the western coast of Italy, but no luck. Workaway.info really have to reconsider the use of the “Last minute” term and function, it seems that the hosts forget to take away the sign. None of them  needed any help at the moment. Well, drove through France with only one stop, following the coast most of the way. A very beautiful road, and from Nice and up to the Italian boarder the road is on or right above coast most of the way. Slowly, since the speed limit is 50 km 90% of the way. I find it more beautiful driving there than in southern Portugal and Spain because there is not the long and endless skyline of hotels. The hotels in the small and old villages on the way are old and small, as the one I had a stop at in the town Imperia,  about half way to Genova.IMG_1650IMG_1658IMG_1661

Arriving to Genova I had my first experience with a large town, rush hour Italian traffic. Not exactly my cup of tea, especially not with the huge amount of scooters and motorcycles rushing in and out between the cars, ignoring any law of traffic. I do think the city Italians have a bit other culture of driving that Europeans in general, but also Genova’s infrastructure is a mess. Well, I survived, and all the 2 wheeler’s did as well, so enough about driving.

Genova was not my best experience until now, properly just too big for me. And rainy. And dirty. But I met Vicky again, the girl I met in Fisterra together with Mary. That was very great, so good to meet a familiar face again. After the Camino Vicky went back to the states, but a month ago she went to Italy to study Italian and meet somebody. She really saved my stay in Genova and made it good experience.


From Genova I drove to Pisa, smaller and much more my style. Yes, there is the square with the tower and the cathedral, and it is touristic and crowded. But Pisa is much more than that and I really enjoyed a old town with very good atmosphere and less traffic. I could have stayed there much longer, but I wanted to go more south of Italy and see more of the historic places before going to Greece.

Of cause I had to take the photo in front of the tower:


Now I will post this, even it is not the latest, but it is difficult finding time to write when moving so fast. Later I will make one or more posts from the last week, visiting more of the Italian cities and historic places