På rejse med Hr. P og Gekke


Arrived at the harbour of San Sebastian, Gomera on the Canarian Islands, around 3 pm the 22. of January. The trip by boat from Los Christianos, Tenerife was about 1 hour, and felt fast while talking with a German girl about the island all the way over. She was here for the fourth time and promised me that Gomera is a wonderful place to be. On my way down Europe I met several people saying the same, and Mette has talked a lot of good about it too, of cause.. And a beautiful island it is for sure, with it’s mountains and valleys and cliffs and small beaches. It seems so silent and calm here in the main city, San Sebastian. If anyone should ever find their way to Tenerife, I will for sure recommend to take the ferry over here as well.

Here is San Sebastian seen from the ferry on it’s way into the harbour:

I,m here to visit Mette and will stay until the 18. of February, that will be another 2 weeks ahead from writing this. Gomera is about 20 km from coast to coast, and more or the less round. A few days ago we visited Valle Gran Rey by bus, a trip that looks like 18 km on the map, in reality about 50 km. and 1 hour and 45 min by bus. The island is created by mountains, valleys and cliffs, I do not think that a single kilometre exists where there island do not lower or higher with 100 meters or more. This makes it very beautiful and very different from any other landscape I’ve met so far.

Images from the trip to Valle Gran Rey:

Mette works at the little private hostal – or Backpacker Slowhome as they prefer to call it. It is certainly not like a common hostel either, very nice rooms – only 5 in all, and very clean and nice with kitchen and a so-called chill out patio and roof terrazzo for use. Very recommendable – if arriving in San Sebastian harbour, follow the road into the town square. Find the only pedestrian road, follow it to the end and continue straight ahead. Pass the post office on the right hand, next pass the Red Cross house, also on the right and the next house in to of a little steam road, called Calle De Clavelle is the Slowhome. From the harbour a walk about 15 minutes. Or call 0034 690 085 121.

Here is a few pics from San Sebastian, the first two taken from the roof terrazzo of the Slowhome, the third is the Slowhome house on top of the small road (the only house on the road):

And here is El Teide, the 3800 meter high mountain over on Tenerife, seen from the harbour of San Sebastian:

A little walk in the town and there is great views:

IMG_1449IMG_1447IMG_1445It’s very nice to stay in a place for longer time, and especially here because Mette knows the town and area, and several of the local people living here. Life is relaxed and the people here are warm and friendly, as the weather. We are going to explore more of the island, maybe renting a car or just taking the bus. One of the people staying in the Slowhome is a former guide, and we properly go with him one of the next days on a hike on one of the many routes in the mountains…