På rejse med Hr. P og Gekke

Santiago > Vilanova de Arousa

The last days have been amazing, troubled, easy living, expensive, hard, interesting and much more. Not an easy job to describe, but here goes. First of all Mary and I split up after some days in Fisterra and Ourence, she went to Barcelona by train, I drove back to Santiago to meet Kjell, a Norwegian pilgrim I met earlier in Ribadero. So long Mary, it was so nice to meet you, we will see us again sometime. Enjoy Italy!!

In Santiago I had a very nice evening with Kjell before he had to find his flight back to Sweden. Thank you for our talk and dinner and company. It is a pleasure to meet such an intelligent, calm and interested person. Hasta la vista mon amis. I guess this is what traveling is about, meeting and hello’s to people – and goodbyes, or so long’s. Auch….

I stayed two days in Santiago in a little hostel, until monday. I still had 5 days before my start on my first Workaway place in A Lama, so I find a spot on my map that look beautifull, Isle da Arousa – not very far from Santiago. Had a little accident there that needs no more explanation – but important is that it led me to a beautiful hotel in Vilanova Arousa where I now stay for a few days.

I will bring some photos in end of the post, but first an odd story. In Santiago I met an American couple in a park, I took a photo of them, they took one of me next to this guy:

10308559_10152780155732708_3408209620422099319_nI had no clue who this person is. After visiting the Island I search for a hotel for the last days on my GPS and chose the nearest to where my car was. It lead me to the wonderful place I am now, and by total accident also to the guy’s hometown Vilanova de Arousa. His name is Valle Inclan, a Galician writer. Here the statue of him in Vilanova..

IMG_0891So, this has been the last 3 days of the first part of my 1 year travel, driving to my first workaway place near A Lama. A sequence of accidental happenings lead me to this amazing hotel, I will  give my best recommendations for anybody to visit. The building, the people, the atmosphere – everything fits together and I promise, you’ll get a experience that exceeds anything you can ever want for a visit on any hotel.

2014-11-04 15.44.47-1 2014-11-04 18.05.19-1 2014-11-04 18.05.45-1 2014-11-04 18.32.18-1The staff here are amazing, professional yes, but more important, you can see that they all love their work. I have never experienced this kind of service before, it’s personal like you would only expect among friends. If you ever have to spend some days in this part of Galicia, go to Hotel Pazo O Rial and see for yourself.