På rejse med Hr. P og Gekke

Workawaing in Portugal

Arrived at my second Workaway place the 8.th. of December after driving from Lagos with a stop for a night halfway. The trip counter is now on 6300 km. which is much more than the actual distance from Aarhus to here. Folowing the coast is part of that of cause, and I have been driving a bit around to visit places inland of both Galicia and Spain. The car does a really good job, no troubles yet.

Only time in a garage was to get two new tyres, but that I know from start would be neccesary sooner or later. Should not be this early though, but I drive many kilometers on small and bad roads.

I,m now workawaying near a little village called Sao Toscada, about 15 km. south of Coruche, which again is about 100 km. north east of Lisbon. It’s a farm, manly with horses, but also a few chickens, 3 dogs and 3 cats. And about 12 acres of land with corch trees, some fruit trees and grass for the horses. The work is mainly feeding the animals morning and evening, cleaning the stables in the morning and maintance and building tasks in the afternoon. A lot of work with fences. It is hard work at times, and really nice to use my body for other things than driving a car, walking in cities and on beaches and visiting hostels and restaurents. Beside that necessary for the budget!

Today is the 22.th. of December and I have been here for 2 weeks. I will spend my Christmas here, and celebrate New Year aswell. When I came there were 2 other voulanteers, but a guy from Israel left the second day and Jonathan from England left a few days ago. So at the moment there’s only the host and me, and it’s unlikely other voulanteears will come before sometime in January. That meens a bit more work for me, but I actually like the farming work for a period, it reminds me of very good old days where i lived in a cooperative in Denmark.

I will stay here for 2-3 weeks more, then I will go back to Lagos and try to find a lift with a boat to La Gomera on the Canarian Islands. I have set up some notes at the marina in Lagos advertising for my lift, and hopefully I will be contacted by a skipper within the next month. I alredy have a cheap deal for my car to stay in a garage in Lagos. It is possible to bring it to La Gomera  with a ferry, but it is more that 150 € each way, so better save the money!.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!