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Workaway in Italy – roundtrip in Greece

I better write something for the last 14 days before I forget most of it. So many things happen. The spirit of travelling is still 100% intact and I look forward to new adventures day by day.

I,m in Greece now, in Athens for 4 days and leaving tomorrow driving north. But I will write about Athens in a later post, this one will be about my workawaying in Italy and my travel in Greece so far.  First of all some words about my wonderful 2 weeks with Debbie and Bob in Casalabata in Italy. They were my 3. Workaway experience and a great pair of hosts to spend time and work with, in their house near the Adriatic sea. They have been very kind, open-minded and their hospitality is fantastic. Unfortunately I did not take many pictures, simply forgot while spending a good time. But here is two of the house near the beach:

2015-03-21 10.47.422015-03-08 09.12.51
And one of their 18 cats they have invited to stay with them in the house, Bling

2015-03-11 14.58.20
Most of the work was in their second house nearby, a house they rent out during the season. The patio around the swimming pool was being tiled with new tiles, and the swimming pool itself was emptied for water and parts of it re-grouted, since it was leaking water. The grouting part was completely new for me, but Bob quickly learned me the new skill. Beside that some small tasks as cutting some wood for the fireplace.

Beside work and a lot of good conversations, I have improved my English a bit, Debbie made good food and we visited some of their friendly and interesting friends.

Finally a picture I took on the road up to them, somehow it could be a prediction for a good time in my direction 🙂

Here a link to their FB page, if anyone should need a house to rent in the area:

Thanx Debbie and Bob for a wonderful time!!

Saturday 10 days ago it was time to leave and drive to Brindisi for a ferry to Patras in Greece. I chose to take the long trip by ferry since it was cheaper than to arrive in Albania and saved me further money to the diesel and some place to sleep. It took 16 hours and half of them during the night. So I woke up while entering the Iconian sea on a route between lots of islands.

The first week in Greece I have followed the coastline of the Peloponese area of the country. This map shows the route from Patras in west to Nafplio in east.

It is a long way, driving in and out of bays and valleys, op in the mountains and down to the beaches again. But trust me – it’s really worth the effort. Such beautiful views, small idyllic villages and large areas between with olive and wine fields Have to say though, some places you can see that Greece is in crises, the beauty has a dark side with garbage, bad roads and miss hold houses and areas. The corruption has signs everywhere, lots of €’s that was supposed to go to development but ended in politicians and company’s pockets instead.

My first stop after Padras was in Olympia, the  areological site for the games from ancient times. Worth a visit for sure, – look it up for the history and what to see. Here is some of my 100’s of pictures from there:

And from the museum:

My next stop for the night along the coast was in Kardamyli, one of the small and beautiful villages along the coast. I stayed at a little B&B with a roof terasso outside the room with a view over the bay and the romantic village. Really nice atmosphere. It was dark when I arrived and took no pic the day after, but here is a few from the wonderful nature between Olympia and Kardamyli

IMG_2461IMG_2476IMG_2484IMG_2496It seemed that Kardamyli attracts people from Scandinavia, I heard a lot of Swedish and Norwegian language in street on my way to a restaurant recommended by the owner of the B&B. And met a Danish couple there. The owner of the B&B was an elderly sweet lady called Stella who offered me coffee and cakes when I arrived and again in the morning, even I had not ordered breakfast with the stay. Would like to recommend her place, simply Stellas Rooms – easy to find, just ask anybody in town.

After another pretty, but also tense drive over the mountains in south, my next stop was in another amazing village called Sabatiki. Actually even not a village, but a few houses at a small harbour in a bay, with mountains reaching all down to the sea. The drive became tense and even dangerous some places, because of a heavy rain, I thought a made a shortcut over the mountains instead of along the coastline most south, but it ended op being 40 km with 20-30 km/hour because of really bad roads that some places was felt with pools of water. No wonder I was the only driver up there 🙂

IMG_2524IMG_2543IMG_2567Sabatiki was a quiet place with no possibilities to shop. A restaurant was found op the mountainside, should be about ½ an hour walk. So a good idea is to shop some food before arriving to the idyllic place. There is several accommodations, all with kitchen and more or less on the beach itself. Don’t be a nervous driver though or arrive in a big car, the road down there is so narrow that I had about 10 cm on both sides to pass in my Yaris.

The bay and Sabatiki:


I continued my route up to Athens, this time staying along the coast. After only 150 km I drove along the harbour in a new town, and stopped to buy a packet of cigarettes. Really happy I did that, the town showed to be a really pretty one with a fantastic fort on top of a hill. And later i was told that it was the capital of Greece in a period from 1821 – 34.  The name is Nafplio and I decided to stay there for two days to explore. It has to be said that I have seldom seen so many restaurants and bars in a town on that size, which indicates that it is very touristic in the season. But here in March it seems quiet and a nice place to be, which it proberbly also is in the summertime…

Picures of cause :-):
First from the Palamidi Fort:


And from the down town old part of the town and promenade:


If you ever visit Nafplio I will strongly recommend that you also visit Negro Espresso Bar https://www.facebook.com/NegroEspressoBar – really nice location, atmosphere and kind and professional staff!

Next post will be about my stay in Athens, which I leave tomorrow Stay tuned 🙂

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